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Building the dream

Introduction to the Project


A self-build project has been undertaken by two families, neighbours in fact, to build two new houses taking them from the semi-detached houses they currently live in, to detached houses sitting in 6.5 acres of glorious countryside. Follow them on their journey as they try to turn 6.5 acres of overgrown waste land into the houses of their dreams.

Land before work started

This plot (shown above) will be transformed into two houses standing roughly where the old buildings are now. The dilapidated buildings will be pulled down and the JCB diggers will be brought in to level the site, producing a base for the new buildings and creating an access road down to the site for equipment and material deliveries.

Artist Impression

This is an artistic impression drawn up to show the site as it could look when finished. There are no guarantees it will match this plan as the plans on a self-build project can change from day to day, but it will hopefully look something like this.

Artist impression

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